by Karen Kamal

About Karen

Hello there!

Let me introduce myself as a coffee lover and a woman-preneur wannabe (y’all can find this as the tagline of this website). Lived in Jakarta since 6 y.o., I was originally born in Medan, Indonesia. Thanks God I still have both my parents and a younger sister. I love reading novels, I enjoy listening to pop music, I like watching movies, yet classics are my favourite.

In this blog-website, I push myself with random inspiration to start writing some literature (mostly poems) because they don’t take much time and some business advice that might be useful for you, since I write it only based on my daily and real experience.

Above all, I’d like to thank Richard Fang who has encouraged me, supported me, and even built this website [from zero] for me. This website was actually my 22nd birthday present from him. We both agree this is so geek.

So, finally I really hope y’all enjoy my writings. You can send me a message or two to my email I ensure you I will reply your message, even just to say ‘hello.’


With Love,

Karen [Qer] Kamal

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